Tuesday, February 07, 2012

February WIPocalypse Update

Time for the February  WIPocalypse update!

I stuck with Shores of Hawk Run Hallow.  I am REALLY enjoying this piece again, and am bound and DETERMINED to get it finished...Sooner rather than Later.  I think it's been a WIP for 4 years now (really)?!!

I finished block one:

and am now working on block two:

The rest of the piece is pretty wrinkled on my Q-Snaps or I would have taken a picture of the whole thing.  After block two, I have four more blocks to go.  The final block, I will be changing to more of a local, personalized block.

I can't wait to visit more blogs and see your progress as well!



Sara said...

Nice job, can't wait to see what's in the next block!

Maureen said...

congrats on finishing one of the blocks, love the fabric you have chose for this- looking forward to seeing it progress through 2012

Bee Jay said...

This has become a very popular piece of stitching to do and I've seen many blogger friends achieve the finished product! Keep at it Suzanne - you'll do it this time I'm sure. Blessings!

Susan said...

Yay!!! You can do it! Once I knuckled down, and worked on mine exclusively, I finished it up really quickly.

I hope you will link this post to my stitching party tomorrow!