Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse Update

January WIPocalypse Update time!  I don't have much of an update, since it's only been 9 days.  My stitching time is usually on the weekends.  After being gone from home approx 12 hours during the day M-F, after I get home, workout, fix dinner - my brain is dead for cross stitching.

This weekend I wasn't able to stitch at all - we had my BIL, SIL and nephew in.  So, of course, spending time with the nephew came first.  He is growing like a weed and talking more and more.  He's 4 and just started pre-school back in September.  It has really helped him with his speech and showing his personality!  SO good to see.

I started working on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  Here was progress Jan 1, 2012:

And here is the current progress Jan 9, 2012:

I had to frog some of the white (for the waves) and re-do, so that took a bit of time as well.  Hopefully next time I will be able to show more progress - given that it's only been 9 days, and really - this is only about 1 Sunday afternoon watching a football game worth of stitching time! LOL

Hope everyone is having a great New Year!  DH and I also started back on the "new year, new you" way of eating.  I am following Weight Watchers and lost 5 lbs at my first WI.  :)

Til next time!



Rachel said...

You made great progress, Suzanne. I love this chart. DH bought it for me a few months ago. I am looking forward to starting it...someday! :)

the Wild One in the DC area said...

Very nice so far!

Ziggyeor said...

OH darn those frogs. Cute piece though. Congrats on the weight loss!

Sara said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Sorry you haven't had much time to stitch, hope the frogs leave you alone next round.

Mangogirl said...

great progress

Susan said...

Good luck on continuing to work on Shores! You can do it, and the end result will be so worthwhile, I can promise you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! I am not a stitcher, I leave that up to my mom (Littlebit) and my sister (PlumStreetSamplers) to do! I like to get all of their work that they no longer want! :) I DO LOVE that Shores piece you are working on though! I am SO into the beach right now! Wishing it was Summertime! Thanks again for stopping by!