Saturday, December 31, 2011

WIPocalypse Final List

1.  Shores of Hawk Run Hollow- Carriage House Samplings
2.  Mermaids of the Deep Blue - Mirabilia
3.  Alhambra Garden - Chatelaine Designs
4.  Little House Neighborhood - Little House Designs
5.  Holly & Ivy Sampler - TW Designs
6.  Titanic - Dimensions (this is my oldest WIP)
7.  Personalized Sampler
8.  Lady of the Flag - Mirabilia
9.  Egyptian Sampler - TW Designs (not feeling this one - may need to find a new home for it) LOL
10. Winter Queen - Mirabilia (need to find pattern - have everything else)
11.  Royal Holiday - Mirabilia (found pattern, floss, beads, but no fabric) I don't think I've even started this.
12. **Reserve for New Start
13. **Reserve for New Start
14. Heart of America - Little House Needleworks
15. Beach Cottage - Country Cottage Needleworks
16. December Delivery - Pine Mountain Designs
17. Land that I Love - Pine Mountain Designs

In gathering my WIP's and supplies together for this WIPocalypse - I have come to the realization that I am living in a very unorganized and cluttered world.  I SERIOUSLY need to purge through some things.  I just went through the computer/stash room and gathered one whole trash bag full of *JUNK* in under 5 minutes.  Now to keep that momentum up. ***I seriously need to stop - I've had to edit this Final list 3 x now. LOL


Bee Jay said...

What a great way to spend New Year's eve/day! Blessings!

Sara said...

Good luck with your list!