Friday, August 26, 2011

For those of you that I'm not in contact with on Facebook, we are evacuating due to the Hurricane. We live in a very low lying area, and are under mandatory evacuation. We will be going a few miles inland to my in-laws house. Hoping to leave tomorrow (Sat morning) and return Sunday.

For reference, here are some past flooding pictures. I thought I had Hurricane Isabel pictures, but it was before I started blogging....and my November 2009 Nor'easter pictures are on Facebook! During Isabel, we had 33 inches of water in the garage....and yes, we evacuated then too. LOL It should be interesting, my mom and father in law, Nate and his girlfriend, DH, me, 3 dogs, 2 rats, and a hedgehog, plus umpteen computers, cell phones, ipads, etc. (you know, the IMPORTANT STUFF)!! LOL


October 2006 nor'easter

Stay safe everyone in the path of the storm.


Sara said...

Stay safe!!

Bee Jay said...

Those two storms really did a job on your place didn't they? Hope this last biggie wasn't as disastrous for you and you were able to travel home safely. We watched the progress via our TV and pictures were not nice. Blessings!

Bee Jay said...

Sorry if this is duplicated - those storms certainly did make a mess at your place in previous years - hope this last one was not as bad for you despite having to evacuate. We watched it's progress on our TV and it wasn't pretty! Hope you are back home now and safe! Blessings!