Wednesday, June 02, 2010

OK, I'll switch it up a bit with some stitching.

I did get in a bit of time Sunday evening during the Nascar race to work on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I'm working on the middle block on the left (the one with a bunch of rocks).....YUCK - I'm sure when I get to the lighthouse, I will like it a LOT better! LOL Since I'm on vacation this week, I'm going to try and put in a few stitches each day on it.

On payday last week, I did order the last of the series - Autumn of Hawk Run Hollow. So, I have Shores, Christmas and Autumn. That's really the three that I wanted, so I'm happy. Bought them all on sale, and hopefully paid a better price than I would later down the road from Ebay! LOL I'm not going to start stitching this one any time soon, but at least I have it - since the company is going out of business soon.

Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings

Today I am working on the house, doing laundry (you can sure tell it's summer around here, I'm on my 4th load of towels in 2 days - mostly beach towels), and DH wants to make a run to ACE to get some paint for the upstairs bathroom. It's starting to show mold, so we need some Killz. We need a new fan in there too, and then DS is going to get a nice reminder to "TURN THE FAN ON" when he gets into his steam shower at 5:30 a.m. I know he likes a hot shower, but good LORD he can steam it up. Of course, this bathroom is very small, both of ours are, but dang it's like a sauna in there when he gets out. Maybe my hot flashes just prevent me from wanting that now! LOL
I went to the podiatrist yesterday and have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. It's been bugging me off and on for several months now. Every time I stand a long time, or get on the treadmill and walk, the next day it is painful. The pain was getting increasing worse, so I made the dreaded appointment. He did an ultrasound on my foot, said "yes, that's what you have", discussed treatment options, gave me a cortisone shot and a nice, lovely boot to sleep in at night to keep my foot straight. I wore it last night and didn't get much sleep - kept the boot on until 1:00 am, took it off and slept till 4:15, then put the boot back on. I'm sure the cortisone shot plays a lot into it, but my foot feels AWESOME today! He also told me not to wear flats or flip flops anymore. Shoes with a bit of wedge heel is good. I haven't worn heels in years, most of my work shoes are flats and I ***LIVE*** in flip flops or go barefoot year round. ~sigh~ So, now I'm on the hunt for shoes.
Off to get something done!!


Susan said...

I haven't bought Autumn yet - I want to start working on the Christmas one when I finish Shores. I would like to pick up the houses and village ones, but no money for stash in the budget at the moment, so I'm holding off. I may end up regretting not getting them immediately.