Tuesday, June 01, 2010

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Yes, it's picture time again too, since you know I LOVE the beach. I've taken about 400 pictures lately. No, I won't post all of them. LOL For those of you on Facebook, I've posted a lot there.

This is a picture of the beach tonight. Totally tranquil and beautiful.

This is my handsome DH on the beach flying one of the kites. He is now up to 115 lbs lost....and he looks HOT if I do say so myself. LOL He wants to lose about 35 more pounds.

Here's to a great start to Summer! I'm on vacation the rest of this week and am SO looking forward to it!


Vonna said...

1.5 sleeps and we're headed to a beach too!!! SO EXCITING!

Your husband does look hot and you tell him that he's my IDOL! :)
I'm trying really hard myself to lose weight....and I know its tough!