Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My friend Jane gave me the sign above. Doesn't that just fit me to a "T"? I've been meaning to post it, and never did. Sadly, our beach days are just about over for the year - well, except for the occasional warm day when we can sneak down. The wind off the bay just bites into you in the winter, so a walk on the beach during that time is not a great idea! LOL

Here's my Nina girl from one of our last visits down. Can you see how gray she is turning around her snout and her eyes? I realized the other day we have probably had her longer than we will in the future. She is still such a wonderful watchdog, and can still be playful too.

DH and I continue on our quest for better health. We've been walking on the treadmill in the evenings. He is down 38 pounds since starting - I have been able to tell that he is losing weight, it's showing in his face and in his clothes. I'm having to fight for every .2 of a pound that I can lose. Why is it men can lose so much faster than women? At some point I keep thinking my metabolism will kick in, but I think it's on vacation still! LOL

We had our nephew Cartney here this weekend and he was just such a joy. It's so nice to see the world thru a child's eye. He kept saying "tractor, tractor" and pointing outside. His dad took him outside, and he went down to the garage, pointed to the golf cart and said "tractor" and then "water". LOL So, off they went to see the water on the "tractor". Too funny. I guess he remembered it from the last time he was here.

Nothing else is really going on, except for work. DH and I are enjoying our time in the evenings together. DS is in school 3 nights a week, and I know it's preparing us for the empty nest. DS wants to be in his own place by the time he's 21, but I'm hoping he stays home until he at least finishes up his classes, which I don't think will be by next summer. With working fulltime and then going to school, by Thursday of the week he is dragging tail. I just pray every day that he leaves at 6:15 a.m. for the Lord to keep him safe and get him where he needs to go without incident.

I came home with a migraine today, laid down for a little nap and am feeling a bit better. I think I need to dose up on some meds though, and get to bed early tonight!



Susan said...

Great picture of Nina!

I love the little beach sign - I'm all about the coastal decor, even though I live here in northern Texas, at least 300 miles from the nearest beach LOL

I know what you mean about losing weight - my DH loses 10 pounds for each pound I lose! Keep working at it, though, and good luck!