Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's Saturday morning and the house is still quiet. Except for the hum of my washing machine. I've already loaded it up with the first load (of many today) and it's working its charm. LOL

DS is supposed to go help his friend, V, move. He and his mom are moving from their house behind us, back over to their house here on our street. With the death of V's stepdad, they can't afford the house they are in. Luckily, they still owned the one on our street - although it's a lot smaller.

DS received his first paycheck yesterday - for 32 hours. He was excited and went straight to the bank. Fridays he only has to work until 10:00 (4 hours), so he was texting me at 9:00 saying "one more hour" ..... the dog. LOL I'm glad he is enjoying his work, and getting a nice paycheck makes it even more rewarding.

I have a busy day today. My house is a wreck - I was gone last weekend remember.... so I have plenty of housework, plus a Tastefully Simple party at 4:00. The deacons/wives from church are going to dinner at 6:00 tonight. We will go late, unless my party goes long. It was on the schedule first though, so if we don't get there, oh well.

It poured rain Thursday night and yesterday. Our yard has standing water in it. DH won't be able to do any yard work today, so I'm hoping to coerce him into helping me inside the house! LOL