Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The neighbors next door have opened their pool, and a pair of ducks have taken up residence. LOL I think it's hilarious.....and cute! I think it's a salt water pool, so hopefully it's safer for the ducks.

We had a beach visit yesterday after work. The first day when DH could get in the water. It was still too cold for me. DS has been going in the afternoons after work with his GF and her friends. DH and I worked in Va Beach yesterday and on the way home, as we were sitting in traffic, DS sends us a picture of where he was sitting on the beach - we did get him back though - he had to come and pick us up - since he had taken the golf cart! LOL

Still no laptop - it's fried - so now I've been researching netbooks. I have this computer if I need to do anything major, but to surf around and check e-mails etc, a netbook might be just what I need. We'll see........