Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - Current Progress

I thought I'd share a current progress pic of my Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (SoHRH). I had hoped to have block 10 (bottom left) somewhat completed today - at least the ship inside the bottle finished. However, I got sidetracked and not much stitching done today. It's our last day of "vacation", both DH and I head out to work tomorrow, and we spent some family time together this afternoon after church.
We just finished up watching Mama Mia. Oh how I love the music of Abba! LOL DS was like "what the heck"....he made it through half of the movie.
For those of you returning back to "normal" life tomorrow - I so feel your pain! Hope the re-entry into reality is a good one!!


Heather said...

Your Shores looks so great! I just started mine a few days ago, and I didn't realize how HUGE it was until I finished one of the borders! It will be so pretty. You have made good progress :)

mainely stitching said...

How great to find another stitcher busy with Shores! :D I will finally be starting it this week. I've only had it kitted up since it hit the market - LOL!! :D

staci said...

Gorgeous! You've made some really wonderful progress!

Susan said...

Suz – it’s looking lovely! You’ve got close to 4 squares finished (I count the middle square as 2, because it’s twice the size of the others!). I haven’t done any more than my one measly square – I pulled out the chart yesterday and made a list of all the floss that I need (I just kitted up that one square when I first started it). I’m going to start the second square tonight, and get back on track! Do you think I’m being too ambitious to hope to finish a square a month? LOL

Bee Jay said...

Got Mamma Mia DVD just before Christmas and like you really love the music of Abba. Had seen the stage play (MM) when it was in Sydney and thoroughly enjoyed it so was a little disappointed with the DVD production - even though my very favourite female actress took the leading role!

Carol said...

My re-entry into reality was peaceful but unwelcome. I would love another 12 days off. I have a 4 day weekend coming up next week. Gotta love our southern state for Lee/Jackson day! Love your Shores piece! Hope your day back was a good one!