Thursday, December 18, 2008

I ordered this a few weeks ago from a local neighbor that is an artist. She hand paints bouys, mailboxes, adirondack chairs, paintings, glass, etc. She had an open house and well, I placed a special order. If you've read my blog for even a short time, you know we love our walks on the beach and kite flying with the beagle. I e-mailed the artist a picture and this is what she came up with - I'm SO pleased with it.

This has been not a fun week. DH has been gone - his trip is actually going really well! The weather here has been dreary and drizzly, raining off and on. I was in a minor fender bender on Tuesday evening on the way home from work. No injuries, just to my sweet Murano. It's just the pain of having to deal with insurance companies and the hassle of getting the car fixed....but, that's why we pay the $$$ for the insurance I guess.

We are *almost* ready for Christmas. I did manage to get a few cards sent out, buy at least one present for family (except for BIL - haven't a clue so I made DH responsible for it - LOL). The grocery store had the spiral sliced hams on sale today, so I picked 2 of them up YAY - I'll do a bigger grocery shop in a few days.

I've been so dang tired at night, by 8:30 or 9:00, I just can't hold my eyes open. With DH gone, I don't sleep as good, so I'm up and down all night - that could have something to do with my tiredness! LOL Luckily DS is here and he's a night owl, so he's good company! LOL

Hope everyone has a wonderful week leading up to Christmas! We have one BIL/SIL coming in this weekend to celebrate with. I'm looking forward to Tuesday, Dec. 23, at 3:30 p.m. - that's when my vacation until Jan. 5th starts. YAY!!!

Stitching??? What's that???