Saturday, December 13, 2008

I finally managed to get the computer to see the camera again, so I'm posting a few pictures that I've taken over the past few days.

A few ornaments from our tree. This first picture is DS's ornaments that he made when he was in pre-school and Sunday School. The reindeer on the right was made with help from a very dear friend who has gone on to heaven! Miss Betty, I wish you were here to see not only Nate, but your wonderful grandchildren too!

This ornament is of a beagle! (of course) I have 2 of the same ones....I bought one at Hallmark and one of my friends at work gave me the exact same one. The head bobs up and down....remember those dogs people put in the back of their cars years ago where the heads bobbed up and down? This ornament reminds me of them! LOL

Below is the White House Christmas Ornament from 2007. My SIL's parents give these out every year and last year, we received one. I was thrilled!!

This picture below was from my last "work at home day". I saw the squirrels thru the window of the computer room and they were just hanging on upside down on the tree. They stayed in this exact spot for 10 minutes or more. The sun sure must have felt good! LOL

This is my pal, Leah, from next door. Yes, she is a beagle too. She waits for me to get home and then whines and barks until I bring her 2 treats....yes, she IS spoiled, why DO you ask? LOL Just like Nina is spoiled. I've been trying to get a good picture of her though, to put in a frame for her mom and dad for Christmas. This was the first day I went out to take a picture....she did NOT like it. I mentioned to her mom later that week that Leah was NOT happy with me when I came out with a camera. Unfortunately, she was abused in a previous home, and she is not very trusting of new things. A camera is something she does not like.



Susan said...

Great pictures - I love the little beagle ornament!