Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A raccoon vs a beagle at 12:30 a.m. is so NOT what I espected tonight. Now I can't go back to sleep.
The coon was on the top rail of our deck and not backing down....neither was my hound. I yelled loud enough that both DH and DS woke up and came out. I'm surprised my neighbors didn't hear me!! LOL
Everyone is safe and the hound is back inside. My nerves are shot and maybe at some point I'll get back to sleep tonight! LOL


Vonna said...

Boy! I know how ornery a Racoon can be....remember I met one in the early morning hours and he growled at me...hope you got some sleep!

Susan said...

I hope Nina wasn't hurt; it sounded like you could have used a stiff drink to settle your nerves!

Sara said...

Oh no, I'm glad Nina wasn't hurt. We haven't had anything quite that exciting around here lately except dog vs. bunny and that one didn't end well for the bunny. Hope you were eventually able to get back to sleep!