Sunday, November 09, 2008

It seems like I only update my blog on weekends! I know, I'm lame. LOL

The time change from last week has really done a number on me. You wouldn't think an hour would make a difference, but it does. at 6:30 pm, I'm thinking it should be 9:00 pm!!

A few random pictures I want to post. In looking over the pics on my camera, wow I sure do take a lot of beach pictures. I'm sure y'all are tired of those! The first one is the way I found Nina one day on the deck. She had managed to get her leash all tangled up thru the deck furniture we had just moved back up. (had it moved due to a storm). She was trying to find a place to get the sun off of her - well she managed that, but in the process she was all tangled up. Too funny. We did get the furniture put back in the correct spot after that.

This is just a pic I took of my next door neighbor's flower which she has growing all on the fence. These things grow like crazy and the bees love them. She calls them 5:00's or something - because they open up in the afternoon.

It felt like Christmas this week, since my Pampered Chef order came. WOW what a bunch of stuff. It was fun seeing what everyone ordered! I've been to one party since mine, plus ordered from another that someone booked off of me. Now HER mom is having a party and I've been invited to it......PLUS I have 2 more bookings from mine after the first of the year. My checkbook seriously needs time to recover!! Yesterday, I dropped off a persons order at her house, and she had one for me from her daughter's party (which was before mine - yes I had TWO before mine).....DH was like - "what, are y'all just SWAPPING or did you get a refund". LOL What can I say. The gal I dropped off to, I told her hubby it's a addiction we have, he's like "yeah, you women are KILLING me". LOL At least they have a sense of humor about it, and I'm picking up Christmas presents along the way!!!

Today is church and then I need to work on laundry. My usual Sunday afternoon is Nascar and/or football, rotating the washer and dryer, and stitching.

DH didn't work this week (he's been really sick - called out sick x 4 days - he has NEVER done that - he goes to work sick). They tested him for mono and strep, but haven't heard results from the doctor as yet. He's been on TWO antibiotics and is finally feeling on the upswing. He has some major trips coming up, unusual for him to have to travel like this, but he needed to get well before heading out on the first one.

Speaking of stitching, I haven't done a whole lot on Shores or my Neighborhood lately. Honestly, I've been in a stitching slump recently. Here is a current picture of the block I'm working on for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. .. Susan and I are in a stitch a long together on this one.

I did get back to the doctor this week to hear the results of all my tests. My stress test was fine, my cholesterol was good, sugar was borderline. When they took my BP it was 130/91, which I thought was great, compared to what it had been. The doc wants it lower though and she wants me to lose 10 lbs by the time I see her again (in 3 mos). I'm sure this is the first of a few "10 lb" increments she's gonna want me to lose, but didn't want to overwhelm me. LOL

Well, that is enough of a boring update on me! Have a blessed Sunday! Suz


Kathi said...

Thank you Suzanne, for stopping by my blog. Your random photos are great and your stitching is lovely.


staci said...

Hope that your hubby is better soon. And I'm glad that you are doing well on your road to good health :)

Bee Jay said...

Found your blog in my wanderings through blogger and just love your pics of the sea/beach/ocean. It has always been a dream of mine to live with a view of the sea - don't think I'll ever make it but enjoy looking at photos anyway. Thanks!