Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy weekend before Thanksgiving everyone! We have been doing fine. Sorry for the quietness. DH has been gone since last Saturday and DS and I, along with Nina dog, have been keeping the home fires burnin.

Monday of this week my friend Barb and I started back at Curves. We went 3 x this week. While I haven't been "counting points" for WW, I have been more conscious of what I've been eating. I've found that packing my lunch is much more nutritious than eating in the cafeteria at the hospital - who'd a thunk that? LOL 4 of out 5 days were "brown bag" days. Next week will be tough with Thanksgiving, but we are going to my Dad's, so no leftovers to contend with! YAY

Since DH is on his way home (he spent the night in GA last night, coming back from Louisiana), I'm trying to get the house looking presentable. Plus a trip to the grocery store is in order, I need to restock for Monday and Tuesday lunches. LOL