Sunday, July 06, 2008

What a weekend! It's been such FUN, but exhausting at the same time!

My BIL/SIL and nephew came in town to visit. We had a BLAST. Friday everyone came over here for dinner - MIL cooked a pork bu*t and I fixed green beans and corn on the cob, with fresh rolls. It was awesome. We also played with bubbles

as you can see here. This is the best $20 I spent on the bubble machine. You load it up with the solution, turn it on and it makes a gazillion bubbles.

T loved it!! He tried to pop the bubbles!

Then we went to see the fireworks on Fort Monroe. They were really good - lasted a full 30 minutes. We had rain coming, so they started early - YAY and finished up right at 9:30!!

I need to learn how to take night photos with my camera, but here are 2 of the better ones that were taken.

Saturday, we headed down to the beach and spent a few hours there. They kept telling us that Nevis, their dog, wouldn't get in the water. She doesn't get in their pool. Well, she went in the bay like this was news to her! LOL We took a squishy football down and threw it in the water, she swam out probably 50 times to get the thing. I'm not sure who had more fun, T or her at the beach! When we came home, it was food time again. We had steaks and chicken on the grill, salad, deviled eggs and hash brown casserole. MIL brought over 2 pies that she had made for dessert.

After cooking for 8 people 2 days in a row, and being activities director - today I'm pooped! LOL

We went to church today and I came home and took a nice nap. DH is napping now! DS and V went to Virginia Beach to a concert (I bought them tickets for DS's birthday and gave them spending $), so I hope they have a wonderful time. If the rain holds out!!!

I've JUST gotten started on laundry. I think we took no less than 10 towels to the beach, some of them the double size ones. Needless to say, I won't get it all done today. I need to get the house back in order. We don't have Sunday evening church on holiday weekends, so thankfully we can just relax the rest of the day. DH mentioned chinese for dinner - since he knows I LOVE it, and I had already said it's leftovers or whatever day, Momma ain't cookin! LOL

I'll leave you with one last picture - of Nevis...She's such a sweetheart of a dog. Even Nina enjoyed having Nevis here. She also did really good with T - I was surprised since she hasn't been around young kids much. But she even gave his a slobbery dog kiss.


staci said...

I know what you mean about those fun but tiring weekends! Sounds like you had a great one :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like a great holiday! :)