Tuesday, July 01, 2008

No SAL for me this week. Sorry Susan!!! I had a horrid migraine last night. It stemmed from being without power from Sunday night into yesterday and lack of sleep. It was a humid night Sunday night to have the windows open, but we did. We had a powerful thunderstorm come thru and had rain, hail, thunder and lightening. When the lights didn't come back on in a few seconds, we KNEW we were in trouble.

Last night, I just hit the bed, my head hurt, and I had been hot, sticky and miserable most of the day.

Hopefully, I can make up the night I missed stitching on Shores later on this week (or weekend) and I'll be back on track for next Monday.

We found out at work today that expenses across the health system have to be cut, effective IMMEDIATELY by 3%. No OT (not that I work a lot of it, but a few hours each week gives me a bit extra to splurge with). My hours don't "officially" start until 7:30 and I'm usually there between 6:45 and 7:00 am, that's my OT. Come 4:00, I'm normally out the door, at least by 4:15 or so. But, I guess now I'll be strictly 7:30 - 4:00.

I did find out that my LNS is having another stitch night later this month. Co-worker G and I will be going. Jane, if you are reading this....wanna go? lol I had hoped to sign up for Celebrations in Louisville, but with said OT being cut, and DH and I are saving for a special trip for our 25th later this year, or early next (we are thinking New York, which is expensive), it's probably not in the cards this year.

Not much else going on. Just thought I needed to update my blog!! I'm not sure anyone even reads it anymore! LOL


Susan said...

I read it! (and usually try to comment). One of the pleasures of dong consulting work is that I only have to work 8 hours a day, so I come in at 7, leave at 4, and have an hour for lunch, which is unusual for me. I'm sorry in your case, though, that you're used to getting some overtime.

I can understand wanting to take an anniversary trip, rather than go to Celebration, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll still be able to make it!

Melissa said...

Well I'm disappointed to hear about Celebrations, but I certainly understand. Hope your migraine is all better today!

XstchrnVa said...

I'm still reading Suz. I'm playing catch up tonight, just got back from vacation. Have you heard about the stitching seminar coming to Williamsburg in Dec? I'm trying to get more info about what is actually going to be offered. Take care!