Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm home and doing fine. The surgery went well, and the dr said she found what she was looking for. No surprises. YAY. I'm home for the rest of the week, and a nice long weekend to boot. DH has been home with me today and I'm enjoying not lifting a finger. LOL He's been waiting on me hand and foot, and between he and dog, I haven't been left alone since I came home last night.

DS had classes today and then he and V are going to the movies tonight (midnight) to see the new Indy movie. I hope to venture out this weekend with DH to see it. We've already told DS he can't give us a frame by frame detail, like he usually does! HAHA

Speaking of DS's classes. We purchased books from the bookstore, ordered online. They gave us used instead of new, which was fine....we thought. DS gets to class Monday night, and realizes there are pages missing out of his Autocad book. So he goes back to the bookstore today. They gave him a brand NEW book and didn't charge him the extra for it. I was glad, esp since his technical writing class added a book on him - to the tune of $91.00!!! This was after we paid for the Little Brown Handbook - which I used the same book in Eng. 101 20 years ago! I'm sure it's been updated since then, but good grief!!! That was a deja vu moment!



Susan said...

I'm glad your DH and dog are taking care of you. Relax, and take it easy!

Sara said...

Glad to hear you're doing well after surgery! Enjoy the quiet time and rest:)