Saturday, May 24, 2008

Countdown to the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow SAL! Susan (in Indiana) and I are going to be SAL'ing on this together. We've decided on Monday nights, starting in June (providing her fabric shows up)! Anyone else want to join us? I need to dig everything out and get it organized. Maybe I can do that on Monday. I also need to figure out where to start. Do I start in the left upper corner, or do I start on the middle section and then work around that?? Decisions, decisions!!!
DH and I went to the movies this morning and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. We enjoyed it. DS went Wed night and he didn't care for it - what does he know. LOL It was my first time out of the house since Tuesday, so I enjoyed myself! We made a quick trip to BJ's for a few essentials and then back home. I was tired and ready for a nap at that point! LOL


Susan said...

I went to my LNS yesterday, and they *still* haven't received the fabric. I'm thinking of calling up Elegant Stitch on Tuesday to see if they have it in stock, otherwise, I might even start it on the 28ct that I did get.

I know that I'll be starting on the one on the left in the second row - that square has been calling my name since I got the chart!

Susan said...

I got sick of waiting for the fabric to show up, so I called Elegant Stitch. They had one fat 1/2 left of the 32ct., so I grabbed it. They're going to ship it to me tomorrrow, so I'll be ready to go next Monday. What's the bet the fabric shows up at House of Stitches (my regular LNS) this week! I'm not worried, though - I love the fabric, and am sure I can find something else to stitch on it!