Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We flew kites on the beach yesterday. I had a really cool picture to share, but for some reason it's not saving right. I'll post this one of the two logs - actually I think they are telephone poles or something, but they have been on the beach for a long time. They make a nice place to sit! LOL

Today was back to work! It was all good though. Everyone was asking how I was feeling. Unfortunately I had to drive DH's truck today, and I could tell the jumping up in it and down from it probably wasn't the best thing I could do! After work, the darn thing wouldn't start, but I opened the hood and jiggled the battery cable. Then I heard the "ding, ding, ding" from the door being open, so I knew it would start up. Apparently there's a short or it's not tightened good. I'm going to have DS look at it.

DH is on his way to Baltimore. He found out today that his "roomie" wasn't attending the meeting...so he's hoping he has a room to himself! He also gets to go to the Orioles/Yankees game tomorrow night. What FUN. He hates sharing a room with someone though (other than me). What is it with men? They don't like sharing rooms? Women, we can pack in like sardines and have a gab fest all night. LOL