Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Weekend! How come they always go by so fast? LOL

I'm finally watching the Nascar race, although it's under red flag right now. Looks like CA has been getting the rain this weekend! After the Sprint race, the Nationwide race that should have ran last night - is supposed to be held...if the rain holds off.

DH went to church to run the audio equipment for movie night. Pastor wouldn't say what movie he was going to show, so not knowing, I didn't go. DH had his SS class write to one of the kids that left a few weeks ago for boot camp. T had written DH this week, and DH wrote him back. We saw T's mom this morning and she asked DH to remind the youth to write. DH told her he reminds them each week, but apparently so far none of them had written. So, they spent that time writing letters. I have a stack of them to mail out tomorrow. A few even drew pictures. I wish I could see T's face when he gets the stack. He is at Ft. Knox, KY and found out his first base assignment after boot camp will be in Hawaii!!!

I actually picked up my cross stitch a little while ago. I'm working on a quilt square, and am about half way thru. I want to get it finished, since I did order the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow this week. Unfortunately the fabric is on back order, so it may take a little while for me to get it. At least I have a few projects to keep me busy in the meantime! LOL

So, I'm blog surfing while waiting for the race to start again!


Susan said...

I'm going to be ordering Shores of Hawk Run Hollow as soon as I have some spare $

I don't know if I'll stitch it on the 40ct, though.