Sunday, January 20, 2008

I was hoping to be able to show some snow pictures today, but alas, there isn't much out there. We ended up with a dusting, and more slush (which is now frozen) than anything. Church services were canceled for today. We have a lot of elderly in the congregation, and the last thing we need is for someone to fall and get hurt on days like this, either leaving their home, driving, or trying to walk into the church. So, we are having a quiet Lord's day morning here.

It is really COLD, with the wind blowing even more so. I'm ok with the cold, but the wind just goes right through you. Brrrr! My plans are to stay inside, do some laundry, cross stitch and watch football later on. I'm going to start a pot of white chicken chili too.
Since most of the rest of the country is in a freeze deeper than what we have, I'll just say....stay warm ya'll!


Susan said...

We've got the deep freeze here in Chicago, but have been fortunate that we've been spared the snow (so far!)