Sunday, August 12, 2007

This little guy has been hanging around on the front deck for a few days. I first noticed him when I opened the umbrella. When I went to close it at the end of the day, he looked like he was just very I just left it open. We had a tree frog on the back deck, I'm guessing this is the same one and he's moved to the front and under the shade. LOL

Thank you for the prayers for my cousin, Chrys. Her funeral is today. I read her obituary yesterday...she was 44, mom of 2, grandma to 3.

I'm up early today. BIL/SIL are supposed to be here by 10. They are on their way to the Outer Banks and want to drop by, so we can see Tristan. Also, they want to leave their dog here for the week. We don't have a fenced in yard, so they are going to leave her here for the night and then MIL/FIL take over tomorrow. However, MIL/FIL don't know this as they are out of town at her class reunion. Ummmm, I'M not gonna be the one to tell them.

DS fired up the truck Thursday night. It was a relief to all of us. They have some minor tweaking to do, a few wires to make sure they are hooked up and a couple of bolts to make sure they are tight enough! My bank account is sure glad to see this project come to a my third trip to Advance Auto, I just asked if I could send the card with the boys and let them sign for me! LOL It has been nice though with Vinny going, since we get a 20% discount.
I need to go rouse DH, it's been 2 weeks since the yard was mowed, so he needs to get a move on too! LOL


Susan said...

I love green frogs - I think they're pretty cool; the rest I could care less about!