Sunday, August 12, 2007

My BIL/SIL came by yesterday on their way to the Outer Banks. They brought Tristan by - he is just as adorable as always....and getting BIG. They left their dog, Nevis with us. BIL had tried to get MIL/FIL, but they are out of we get the dog. Not sure why they didn't kennel her - other than she loves to be around people. Only thing is, we don't have a fenced in yard and when she decides to go, she is GONE. Nevis and Nina played well together outside - Nina has given several obligatory growls, but let Nevis take her ice cubes and also a couple of treats, so Nina's more growl than bite! LOL We did crate Nevis last night - her crate is in the living room and boy she was NOT happy with us! She whined for awhile, but eventually settled down and slept. It would NOT be a good thing to have 2 dogs in the bed with us! HAHA

DS truck is running - he is happier than a pig in slop I think. They ran it up the road last night, after tweaking a few wires. He took it to his GF's house this morning, as she has softball games - but he's not driving it to the games. There is one more part (some type of air intake thingy) that they need to replace and they don't want it driven a long way until that is replaced.
I am hoping to get some stitching in today during the Nascar race. It's been awhile since I've had any good stitching time and I'm getting kinda irritable. LOL It may happen - depends on how the dogs are. We may take them to my MIL's house and let them run in her backyard, since it's fenced in. We're hoping when she gets home, she will let Nevis come to her house and stay, at least for a few days!!


Sara said...

What a cutie you're getting to babysit! Our Leland fell asleep like that just the other night with a squeaky dinosaur in his mouth:)

Glad you enjoyed the Brickyard pics. Sounds like you'll have some racing pics to share soon too! Congrats on the tickets! I wish we could make it out but I think I've run out of vacation. Some year though:)