Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I know I'm being neglectful of my blog....it's been a crazy, busy week and getting more nuts as it goes along! LOL

The weekend was spent getting DS back to school (college) stuff - we did clothes shopping and some supplies. Plus we met with our pastor candidate. Work is kicking my butt, and we rec'd a call tonight that DH's cousin from WV is coming down Thursday evening with his GF and staying with us until Sunday so I'm cleaning my house. If you could see my house...well, you'd understand the panic that has ensued! LOL DS has even been cleaning his room - WITHOUT being asked.

More later....just wanted to check in and let you know we were alive, just busy....and not the kind of busy that's fun! LOLSuz


Vonna said...

Well remember to BREATHE and everyone's seen a messy house before so don't sweat it...*although I would too* so try not to sweat it :) LOL!

Jeff in MD said...

Oh boy! Hopefully all the cleaning got done and you are enjoying the company now :)