Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family has come and gone. We had a really nice time with DH's cousin and his GF. We hope they come back and visit again soon. Frank was younger than DH and his brothers, and he was an only child. He spent summers and holidays with DH's family, since his grandpa took him everywhere with him. Pa-paw was basically Frank's mom and dad, and when pa-paw died when Frank was around 15, it rocked his world. It is so good to see him, at age 35, grown into a man, and having accepted the life that he has been blessed with. He is a police officer in a little town in WV and seems to be very happy, and fulfilled. His GF seems to have a wonderful personality and is a fun gal! We got along great. Plus, she grew up in just about the same town in WV that I did, so we were able to share stories. LOL

DS made it thru his first week of college - he found his classes, parking and his truck didn't die on him, so he's feeling pretty good at the moment. LOL

Today, at church, we voted to extend a call to a pastor. DH has PTL and has felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. The entire pastor search team went forward to present the candidate. The pastor's family filled up two pews in church today. With the other visitors/non-church members and the usual crowd, it actually looked like a lot of people today! I feel the Lord working on my heart to go back also, so it's time to overcome the past and move on.

Catching up on laundry and odds and ends right now. It's going to be a busy week at work. DH is on vacation, so he will hopefully be able to pick up some of my slack around the house this week.