Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nasty Virus
No, not me, the's been SICK. LOL Actually, the computer that we used was DH's old work computer. We managed somehow to get a virus on it over the weekend. Sunday night was NOT pretty around the house. LOL DH worked all day Monday to get the computer back up and running. It's still not perfect, matter of fact, it's unplugged at the moment. I'm now the proud owner of a laptop. My own, personal LAPTOP. With my very own password!!! LOL I'm in love with it.

Busy week at work. Not pretty. I'm ready for the weekend. We have NO PLANS for this weekend...except be at the beach for a few hours on Saturday and Monday. I've already mentioned to DH that I want to spend some time relaxing on the beach. He's on vacation this week, so he's already relaxed. We close the office at 2:00 Friday for the holiday weekend, and by 2:45, I want to be on the beach. LOL