Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Here's a picture I snapped of Cartney while we were babysitting Saturday. Isn't he just handsome, as his shirt says! LOL His mom and dad went to Va Beach and he catnapped twice for about 30 minutes each time...other than that, he was awake for the 5 hours we had him. I had SO much fun. However, I had forgotten how much work babies can be! LOL

Everyone came over for hamburgers/hot dogs in the evening. We all had a good time together - I wish BIL/SIL lived here!

Sunday, DH went and taught Sunday School. Vinny, Alan and Alan's GF (K) came over at 9:00. They started working on DS's truck and worked on it until 10:30 Sunday evening. It took a long time to get the engine pulled - they just kept on finding bolts and screws holding it in place!! It was SO HOT - I kept running drinks down to the kids and made them sandwiches. We had to make a run to Advance Auto. While out, I stopped at the store for drinks and they made a run thru McDonald's....they ordered 15 double cheeseburgers ($1 each) and one $1 fry (I think for K). LOL It was too funny. I wondered WHAT was keeping them so long, when I got in the car, they were telling me what they ordered and they bet McDonald's puts a limit on the amt of $1 items you can buy after that.

Sadly, Monday was back to work...I was so tired! Went in early, but sure didn't stay late. The boys were back over Monday evening for awhile. I fed them again - I think as long as I'm feeding them, they will come! Tuesday was more of the same and they worked until 9:00 or so last night. They have the new engine in, now it's just getting everything hooked up, screwed on, etc. We've also ordered a few new parts so old stuff and new stuff won't have to go on together...but some stuff they are re-using. They've GOT to get it finished by the 19th, as DS starts his classes on the 20th. He also still has to get a parking pass, ID and a book for college, plus supplies - we didn't get out this past weekend to go.

Another BIL is in a fishing tournament in Ocean City, MD this week. It's a white marlin tournament - and they apparently caught one on Monday that right now is worth $1.4 million...yes that's in DOLLARS. I hope it holds and no one else catches a bigger one by Friday! He is in a tournament in NC next week also. I told DS he needed to call his uncle and ask if he could be bait boy, gopher, clean-up crew or something...ANYTHING. For a piece of the pie like that, heck I'd work for a week doing whatever!!

Today is work at home day - and I have got a LOT to do. I can't seem to get any "quiet" time at work - so I'm glad for being home today. Yesterday I had nothing on my calendar - ended up in a long conference call in the am, and another one from 2-4:30 in the afternoon. It's difficult to get work done when your always on the phone or in meetings!!! Plus, in those - I always get MORE work assigned! ~sigh~

More later


Vonna said...

Holy Mackrel!...whoops...I mean Marlin...that's a lotta smackers! Hope he wins it!