Saturday, August 04, 2007

Guess who is here visiting this weekend! Baby Cartney! His parents are here too, but we don't care about them! HAHA just kidding. We all went out to dinner last night and either grandma or I held Cartney the whole time. He's coming to Uncle Rusty and Aunt Suz's house today, while his Momma and Daddy enjoy some time at Va Beach. The little dickens slept most of the time while he was with us last night...hope he's awake some today!

In other news....we did obtain a copy of the survey we needed from the survey company. DH went to the city, no help there. The city still wouldn't sign off on the project, they were to come by yesterday and get a "visual" - good grief! Any more hassle, and we will just rebuild what we have and put those $ elsewhere. We still need a permit for the driveway, but we don't dare go and ask for that just yet! LOL

DS still doesn't have his truck going. His friend V has another PT job, and while it's good for a discount on auto supplies, it is cutting into work time! They still don't have the old engine pulled yet -- I guess the bolts don't want to turn easily after being on there for almost 10 years! LOL

To add to his dismay - he spent most of his graduation $ on a computer. Or parts/pieces of a computer and he built one. The darn thing won't turn on! Sooooo, he's hoping his Uncle can help at least tell him what's wrong with it. ~sigh~ He is NOT having a good summer! I told him "welcome to the real world".

DH's schedule is booked up thru mid-September. He is really getting slammed with projects/customers right now. They are (not asking) sending him all over, to NC, Atlanta, and Richmond, which is close. Plus he has another customer that he owes days to in WV and NC - but his schedule is so busy he can't get to them. NOT GOOD.

But, this weekend, I'm not going to think about any of the above - just enjoy snuggling with my nephew! LOL


Vonna said...

What a sweetie! Enjoy the snuggling :)

Susan said...

Enjoy your snuggle time - he's adorable!