Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Update

I pulled a muscle or something in my neck Thursday night - I think it was lifting the diet coke at BJ's from the floor up and into the cart. Go figure. Anyway, my neck and shoulder hurt over the weekend. So much so, that DH went and bought a massager and a heating pad/massager for me (I couldn't FIND the cord to the one I had). He's such a sweetie!

Saturday we spent working on the house in the morning. Met with a contractor to discuss deck and driveway. He went to the City today for the permit...City wants to see our survey plot. Well, I have been thru every piece of paper from when we closed on the house back in 1999 (I throw NOTHING away in that regard)'s not there. I did find where we PAID for the survey though. DH is going to call the company tomorrow and see if they can help us, if not, the City should have it filed somewhere. I'm guessing this is just typical City government, one department doesn't talk, discuss or communicate with the other!!

Saturday afternoon DH and I snuck off to the beach. We took the dog, and I decided she needed to go in the Bay. Well, SHE decided she didn't want to go and ended up giving me some black and blue scratches. She ended up swimming back in though - we weren't out 15-20 feet. She barked and ran at DH's kite and sat in the shade of the cart while I burned and DH flew the kite. LOL

Saturday evening we went out to dinner with the boys and the in-laws. We hadn't seen them a lot lately and that was fun.

DS and V worked on his truck - the old engine is still IN the truck, but it's almost ready to be pulled out. He starts college on the 20th - so they need to get it running - SOON.
I didn't get as much stitching time in this weekend as I would have liked - so the update pic will have to wait.

Work is busy, BUSY, BUSY.

Oh, and rumor has it, Aunt Suz will be cuddling a baby this weekend :)


Jenn said...

If you had an attorney work with you when you bought the house, there's a good chance a copy of the survey is in their files. We don't always give surveys to the clients but we always keep one. I'd check with them first before contacting the surveyor.

There may also be a copy on file with the recorder of deeds, you can look at the legal description in your title commitment and see if there's references to "recorded as document number" in there. Usually in the last sentence or two.

Can you tell this is a good chunk of what I do for a living? :)

Susan said...

Give the baby a hug from me! I love babies!

Good luck with getting the survey. It sounds like Jenn has given you some great advice!