Tuesday, July 03, 2007

It's July 3rd

and I turned the a/c OFF! Temp is currently at 78 with 41% humidity. That is unheard of in Tidewater VA, in JULY! Usually it's in the 90's with 90% humidity!! So the a/c is off, the windows are open, and a nice breeze blowing through the house.

I managed to get to the grocery store today, that's about it. LOL Vacation sure is nice!!!

We had a short trip, but it was FUN! The 3 of us took of Sunday afternoon to drive to N. VA. Baby Cartney is so tiny....but soooo cute! He laid all sprawled out on me for about a hour and a half - just laying on my chest. Uncle Rusty then took him and he tucked his little legs up under him and must have felt comfy on that big chest too, because he slept for another hour! LOL He gave his Uncle the stinky diaper.

We didn't get a chance to visit our other nephew - they were gone this weekend. Guess that means another trip, huh? LOL Actually, the whole family has been invited up for Christmas this year. That should be fun - it's been a loooong 18 years since we've had babies at Christmas! DH and I have discussed that with the little ones now, it is our turn to travel to their house, and that's fine - it makes perfect sense. Also, BIL has a HUGE house, room enough for MIL/FIL, DH and I, DS and DS's friend V (our "adopted" son) and there's STILL room for more - LOL. It's 5+ months away, but I'm already getting excited for Christmas this year!

It's also nice to be off work this week. I am thankful that DH and I have a job that gives us plenty of vacation time - it's finding the time to use it that we have a problem with! LOL We were going to work on replacing our front deck while we were off. DH would really like to see if we are able to add on a few feet to the front of it. So, we need to call and obtain a few estimates. Once we get that in, we can get the driveway poured.


Cathy said...

We're having beautiful weather here too. No humidity, lots of sun, not too hot. Lovely!