Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Independence Day

What are your July 4th traditions or what will you be doing today? We don't have a lot planned, except the in-laws are coming over for a cook-out. I heard DS on the phone last night, he may be going to see some fireworks with a friend. We will have fireworks here in the neighborhood also - although they are illegal, someone always goes across the border to NC and buys a huge supply. The dog goes NUTS hearing them - she does NOT like fireworks! LOL

It is overcast and cloudy here this morning. We slept with the windows open, and that is such GOOD sleep. I didn't want to get up! LOL

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th. Remember why we celebrate independence day, and those that fought for our freedom. If you see a member of the armed forces today, please take a moment to thank them - for all that they do in the fight for continued freedom for our country and the sacrifices they and their families make.


Carol said...

Suz~ I celebrated the fourth in OBX! Had our summer vacation this week! It was great! So cool, almost chilly! Well at night, it was chilly. We sat on the deck of the cottage to watch the fireworks and DD and I had to wrap ourselves in blankets! It was so unseasonable but wonderful!