Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!! I hope you have a wonderful, and blessed day -- and a special day with your family!!

My mom is celebrating in heaven, but I hope to help make my MIL's day special! We haven't decided if we want the guys to take us out to lunch after church, or if we want steaks on the grill! LOL If the weather holds, I could really go for a steak! LOL

It's been a busy week for us! My next "cycle" for work is gearing up, and we are trying to get all of our applications compiled and mailed out to the doctors. I managed to get 20 applications put together yesterday and in their envelopes! At this rate, it will take me all next week to get my stack done and mailed!

I've managed to get all of DS's graduation announcements addressed - and I'm not really sending that many. Need to get some stamps and mail them! Hopefully I can remember to pick up stamps at the grocery store when I go.

It's another Saturday night race tonight! (I love night racing) and it's Darlington tonight. Those of you that follow Nascar, I think Dale Jr making this move will be the BEST thing for him. His fans are going to go with him, and if he hooks up with Richard Childress....WOW! I'm secretly hoping he will go with Joe Gibbs Racing, can you picture Jr and Tony Stewart as teammates (and I'm not even a TS fan, DH is)!



Von said...

Good luck getting your announcements mailed, Suzanne. The cost of postage is going up again, and have you seen that they're now charging for miscellaneous sizes and depths of envelopes? Wonder how that's going to mess up all our exchanges and round robins.

Oh well...

Have a happy Mother's Day! :D

Carol said...

Yuck, NO! I detest Tony Stewart!!! He's DH's favorite and we never like the same driver, LOL!