Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy Days...
Trying to get these out

DS can't understand why we have to send announcements....ummm, because we are PROUD of you! LOL These announcements look EXACTLY the same as his dad's did.....24 years ago. I swear they haven't changed one bit in 24 years! LOL

Wacky weather lately - here's what the beach looked like yesterday

you can see by the "wetness" where the water had been - normally all of that is dry. There was only about 10 feet of sand where you could actually walk without getting your feet wet. There's usually 30 YARDS or more of beach before hitting the water!

And this bad boy.........

they want over $700K for it. The house on the property before was owned by DS's friend V's parents. It was a one story house, gorgeous view of the Chesapeake Bay though. It was destroyed during Hurricane Isabel in 2003. This is the house that was built in it's place. $700K!! Notice the space above where the garage doors....it's like a 4 story house! I would HATE to have to carry groceries up those steps....wonder if they put the kitchen on the top floor? Some of the houses around here have that...crazy!!


Vonna said...

Congrats to your DS!
The beach...looks...wild...my oh my!
And that house...gorgeous but I agree...think about lugging up cartons of milk and 24 case of sodas...YIKES...that'd be a bum burner for sure!