Sunday, May 13, 2007

What A Nice Day!

We have had a really nice day today. Went to church - the sermon was "are you a praying Mother" - the pastor spoke on I Samuel 1 where Hannah took him to the temple and dedicated him, giving him to the Lord, because she had prayed for him and the Lord granted her request. How many of us, as mother's, could take our children and give them up - leave them at the temple? Wow

After church, we went to lunch at an italian place, with MIL/FIL. This was actually the place that DH took me on my 16th birthday! LOL It's a local, family eatery, and we've been there countless times before. After we had lunch, and DH was paying the bill, the waitress brought Mom and I dessert. It was a brownie, sliced in the middle, with cannoli (sp) filling inside, topped with whip cream and drizzed with chocolate. It was so rich, I could NOT eat it all, and that was even with DH helping! Mom had her own piece too, and Dad took one bite of it - said his blood sugar went up 100 points with that one bite! LOL

After lunch we came home and I did some laundry and watched the Nascar race! CONGRATS to Jeff Gordon! WOO

We are just laying low the rest of the evening. DH is going to watch the final Survivor, and I am going to watch 7th Heaven - the last show of the series - sniff.

A few pictures from today - I finished up my May All Tied Up pillow, by Pine Mountain Designs. It's hard to tell, but there are cute little bees stitched in among the design. I added a few, as I just thought they were adorable. Also, here are my mother's day presents - now HOW do I keep these orchids alive??? That is the new Michael Buble CD stuck up there too. I LOVE his music!! LOL

Here is what DS and V have been working so diligently on. I know, I KNOW......DS bought this equipment with his $$ that he earned last summer working construction. They had this installed in the Jeep. It's funny hearing country music come out of a sound system such as this! LOL He and V built, carpeted and installed everything. Also, DS has to give a senior speech - and he has taken numerous pictures, and his speech will be on building a custom sound system for your vehicle. His teacher has even approved the topic already.

If he was just that diligent about keeping his room clean! LOL


Cathy said...

Such nice gifts! I was just saying to Rob that I love Michael Buble.

Susan said...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day. That pillow is so cute!

Sara said...

What a nice Mother's Day you had:) No help on keeping the orchids alive but they sure are pretty!

Karin said...

The orchids are gorgeous! No hints for keeping them alive. And your DS's sound system is very impressive.