Wednesday, March 07, 2007

DS calls me after lunch and tells me he had an accident and asks what to do. He's OK, the Jeep...not so much. Seems the rear axle completely sheared in half, and his driver's side rear tire came off the Jeep, with the axle bar still inside it (like 3 feet of it). In the middle of a 4 lane road....thank the LORD there wasn't any on-coming traffic or anyone around him. He had just left school and was coming home.

Back in September we had MEGA work (and MEGA $$$$ spent) on the Jeep, the rear end was worked on ($1,600) for parts and labor, just for the rear - the entire bill was a few thousand more. AAA towed to the dealership and the guy pulled up the Jeep in the computer.....'ummm, ya'll were just here a few months ago....ummmm, you've only driven 2,000 miles on it since then....ummm, we'll take a look at it' - darn tootin!! So, keeping our fingers crossed that this will be covered by the one year, 12,000 mile warranty (please dear LORD).

The important thing is DS is fine, a bit rattled. Thankfully the Jeep didn't flip over or flip around, and...and...and.. DH has told me to STOP with the what if's and he's right, but I just can't help but think he could be dead right now. I've been watching and keeping tabs on the Jessica Lunsford case and, well, he's my baby - although a 17 year old baby!!!!! You mom's understand, right?

Speaking of babies - we should have one on FRIDAY! SIL went to the dr today, the baby flipped and is now breech. They don't want her going into labor, so she's having a c-section Friday morning. WOOHOO

Thanks for letting me vent - DH thinks when I do this, I'm upset with him, and I'm not....even though it was his idea to get the Jeep, and we've had nothing but trouble with it....but that's an entirely DIFFERENT story... I need to vent to someone, so I guess my blog (and whoever reads my gets to hear it!

Oh, DS said..."Mom, you know what saved me? God did, and I've been going to really need to go to church"!!! He REALLY knows how to hit below the belt, doesn't he?


Jenn said...

Thank God your son is safe. Was the accident caused by the axle busting? Did he hit something or was it spontaneous?

I'd absolutely be demanding that the dealership provide you a free loaner for the duration, especially considering you were there so recently. I bet they'll be bending over backwards to accomodate you in hopes that it'll prevent a possible lawsuit.