Tuesday, March 06, 2007

DH and I just finished checking in with the BIL's/SIL's re: the babies. The one due Sunday is in no hurry to make his appearance. DH told BIL to tickle her, I said no, try wild s*x! LOL Something ought to jiggle the kid out, huh? Other BIL/SIL are doing good (they aren't due until June).

DS girlfriend K's church is having a revival. He went Sunday evening and tonight. Surprised me that he went, but I'm certainly thankful that he has. He had a hard time with church since the issue with our old pastor and I really haven't pushed the issue with him. So, I'm just glad that he's been these past few nights. I think she wants him to start going with her on Sundays and that's OK with me, it is after all, a Southern Baptist church, which is the same denomination that we worship in. As long as I can have him on the major holidays! LOL Guess I have to start compromising, huh!

Not much else going on. Work is really slack right now for me. DH's has picked back up. So, I'm enjoying the calm before the storm hits again!

I'll leave you with a picture of Nina dog - she just stole DH's water bottle, drug it under the dining room table (her safe spot) and is trying to get the water out of it.