Saturday, February 17, 2007

WOO HOO Let's go racin' boys.......

Yes, I admit it, I am a NASCAR junkie. I could care less about basketball, baseball, football (except really the Redskins - and only when they are playing Dallas). But, I must get my Nascar fix. I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE it. I've only ever been to one racetrack (Richmond), but would love to make it one day to a Superspeedway. DH and I joke that when we retire, we will sell the house, buy an RV and go on the Nascar circuit. LOL

Our Fed income tax refund showed up yesterday...I received a coupon for JCPenneys sale on Sunday, 20% off, so I was going to go online, and buy my Kitchenaid mixer. Penney's has it for $299 (I can't believe I'm actually considering buying a mixer that costs $299). Anyway, that would bring the price down considerably. Yesterday, I get up, and go to They have a Friday sale, and guess what, they have a Kitchenaid mixer on their Friday sale, the Onyx Black color - which is what I want - for $199.00! I couldn't click fast enough!! LOL Plus I saved $20 with free shpping, and I get a $20 rebate and a one yr subscription to a magazine (Food and Wine or another one - can't remember). Soooooo, feeling a bit guilty, I checked out the prices of the Harry Potter audio books since DH really wants 1-4 (he has 5-6 already on audio). Then I went to and priced them, they were cheaper there, so I bought those for DH. I felt better and still didn't spend as much on him as on me! LOL

So, that was our splurge with the tax refund. All the rest goes in savings for a rainy day and we have some pegged for later in April when both DH and DS's vehicles need inspected and we already know there are some things needing replaced.

We have BIL/SIL coming down today for their long weekend (DH nor I get the 3 day weekend). They wanted some time away for the baby comes in June and while SIL still feels OK to travel. Not sure what their plans are. I've got ribs for the cooker, a salad and rolls to make and that's gonna be for tomorrow's dinner.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity....let's go RACIN' boys!