Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cracker Barrel

Every time my SIL comes down, she wants to head to Cracker Barrel to eat. Apparently the only one close to them is 45 mins away or she just waits until she comes here to go. MIL and I like the place too, and the food is always 'slap yur momma' good. The service, however, is another story! One time, right after our Cracker Barrel opened (it's only about 2 yrs old) we received the entire meal for 7 free, because of the service.

Last night, we go there (8 of us) and we have about a 35-40 min wait, which wasn't bad on a Saturday night really. Finally get set down, drink orders taken, food orders taken, and out come the biscuits/corn bread. We still have no utensils. Being good southern folk, we break the biscuit open with our hands, plop the hard butter out of the little container and smush the 2 pieces of bread back together in hopes that the butter will melt a bit. BIL asks our waitress for silverware, and then about 10 minutes later, he asks another waiter for silverware. The waiter, who isn't even our service person, gets it to us first. A few minutes later, here comes our waitress with silverware, saying she had to roll it.

Out comes the food....I ordered grilled, marinated chicken strips, received fried chicken strips (no, I didn't send it back); BIL ordered the lg chef salad and received a small - kinda house sized salad. He asked if this was the salad for $X price, waitress said hang on a minute, I'll check. She comes back with ANOTHER salad that has fried chicken on it, and sets it down, ummm, Nope.....the THIRD time she comes back and says "they are making it right now". So, we are all eating, because by that time, it's after 8:00 and we are starving and our food is hot. It's all good, the chicken and dumplins FIL and V had looked heavenly and neither one of them offered me a bite (LOL). Finally, out comes BIL's correct salad. By that point, he's just po'ed. About 10 minutes later, we hear this LOUD crash/bang/clatter and I see food flying right past BIL's head. Apparently a waitress dropped a platter of food (all I saw was flying corn), and BIL yells, "they are trying to kill me"! LMAO It is always a hoot with the family!

SIL managed to get her chocolate cola cake and ice cream (she's pregnant so she has an excuse to eat - LOL).

Today everyone is coming to my house for ribs and the Super Bowl of Nascar, the Daytona 500, so Lord only knows what will happen today!


Terri said...

I wanna come to your house! I love ribs and Cracker Barrel. The closest one to me is a whole state away!

Susan said...

I love Cracker Barrel!! I have been known to ask my DH to take me there for my birthday. I always get the country fried steak (the only place where I'll eat that), with 2 orders of the hash brown casserole and the cinnamon apples, served with biscuits and apple butter.

Now I'm hungry!