Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quiet Week

I've been quiet this week and it's basically because of work. We were really BUSY this week with 2 deadlines (Wed and Thurs) but they are behind us now and all is good!

On a sad note, my Director called me Monday am and said she was leaving town as her Mom had been admitted over the weeekend to the hospital. She has had several bouts with cancer and they had found it had returned a few weeks ago. Tuesday evening, her Mom passed away. So she will be out for a few weeks in MD taking care of arrangements and also her Dad. I've already heard how wonderful her church family has been in providing food and comfort to the family.

Today, DS is planning on moving his computer from the "computer room" downstairs, and up to his room. We went and bought a new desk and computer chair for him last night - he and I went. He seems excited. I don't think we will EVER see him, and he spends tons of time playing WOW and whatnot, but at least I know he will come down for dinner and a diet coke or water! LOL But, he's almost 18 and at this point we need to move things around a bit, DH has been working from home more and more, and sets up at one end of the dining table! He needs a place to put all his "stuff".

While DS is working on his room, I'm going to be going thru clothes and organizing, purging, etc. My goal for the weekend is to get the laundry caught up, folded, put away, and clothes organized.

More later, I should have some pictures to add.


Susan said...

When you're done organizing your place, would you mind coming over to organize the disaster that is my living room?