Thursday, February 15, 2007

Update on Home Depot

Our door is scheduled to be in-store on 2/23, barring any transportation issues (snow, road conditions, etc). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that 1 - it's the correct door and 2 - the sidelights/any glass is NOT broken this time.

On Monday, I e-mailed Home Depot via their website and stated my facts as I saw them. I had DH read the e-mail before sending it - I wanted to come across as professional, and not be cranky or ugly (granted it took me several days to get un-twerked) LOL In the back of my mind, I heard my grandma saying, "Suzanne, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar".

Yesterday I rec'd a call from my local store, and spoke with a nice, pleasant lady. She advised me that she had been authorized at that time to make sure my credit account was correct, and she took my information, so that we can have 12 months from yesterday interest free (which I thought that was what I was getting back in December, but it ended up being only 6 months). However, that's 2 extra months in my opinion that I get interest free, so that's good.

Today I have a msg on my phone, from the same woman, that she has now been authorized to offer me 10% off of our bill - that's $250.00. I'm pleased with the response, and am hopeful that this will all be resolved with a positive experience with the door installation!



Jenn said...

Congrats on the financial adjustments! Now here's hoping the hardware comes through as promised.