Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines & Birthdays!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! DH sent me flowers to work yesterday....which means he actually ordered them...oh...last WEEK! After 23 years, I guess you can teach an old dog new things! LOL That was very sweet and I was shocked, surprised and very appreciative
DS is taking his GF to the movies tonight, they have exchanged presents already. So DH and I are going to have a nice quiet dinner at home with steak, mashed potatoes and a veggie. I also have a WW pudding recipe I've tried.

In the oven though, is a Paula Deen Gooey Butter Cake (chocolate). Tomorrow is a co-workers birthday and she opted for a chocolate cake. So, since seeing Miss Paula in person has got me, well, looking thru her cookbooks.....and I was the chosen one to do the baking, it's Gooey Butter Cake!

On the stitching front, my next Pine Mtn pillow is on it's way to me. The picture below showed the February pillow and notice the pattern of the fabric in the red, well, March is the same type pattern, but in a cool LIME GREEN color. I can't WAIT to get my hands on it! LOL

I'm also putting together an order from the latest Market. This is the first time in several years a few patterns are actually calling my name!

Have a great day everyone, and for those of you with SNOW - SEND SOME MY WAY!!! ~sniff~