Friday, January 05, 2007

Updates from this week that I hadn't brought over here from Xanga

Glad it's Friday!!!

We joined the Y tonight. DS goes Tuesday for his orientation, then he can use all the machines by himself, we don't need to be there with him. DH and my orientation to the machines is Thursday. We can use the Y before then, but I figure we may as well learn how to use the machines properly from the get go!

I've managed to stay OP this week...tonight I had a run in with peanuts left over from the holidays...but they are all gone now thanks to DH, the dog and me eating them! LOL There probably was a cup full left in the bottom of the tin. I hadn't used any of my flex points for the week, so definitely used some of those up.

Will write more tomorrow...I'm really tired tonight.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
Day 2 of being OP with WW. I managed to stick to it all day Tuesday (my first day back at work) and today.

Tuesday I even worked out at Curves, and then walked with DH at night. Today, I did a Curves workout (w/o my MIL - since it's church night); and later plan on another walk with DH. Also today after lunch, 3 of us gals walked outside around the hospital building and the 2 medical office buildings.

TOM started yesterday too, and I could have SWORN it was a week early. However, co-worker said nope, that she had started over the weekend, and we are usually together for a day or so. I was really thinking it was next week, my how time FLIES! LOL

DH goes back to work tomorrow. How he managed to get 2 extra days off is beyond me, but he did! LOL