Saturday, January 06, 2007

My New Stitching Box

I was hoping my order from DSL (Down Sunshine Lane) would come today, so I could show you all my new stitching stash, but it didn't. So...I'll show you my new stitching box instead! We found this at Lowe's last week. It was the display model, and no price on it. After asking a cashier to help me with the price...she told me it was $59 and some change. I was floored...mainly because any time I've seen a box like's been over $100. So, into the cart it went! It's basically a wooden tool box, but I'm using it for my stitching. LOL The top opens up and can store q-snaps, fabric, current projects, scissors, etc. The drawers I think I will use for the DMC thread. There is enough drawer space that I can probably store a full set of DMC with no problem. I don't like to wind on bobbins, lately I've just been putting the floss in baggies and using a photo box to hold floss, scissors, pattern, etc. So I think this will work nicely and I'll have enough room to lay the skeins out instead of winding on bobbins.
Today was gorgeous! I know I keep saying that, and yes, the weather will change over eventually. But it was up in the 70's today. We had all the windows open and the dog spent most of the day on the front deck sunning herself! LOL
DH and I just splurged and went to DQ for a small cone - not even dipped in chocolate. I figured my splurge was the cone! But I'm satisfied after eating it, so I guess that's what's important!