Monday, January 01, 2007

First off.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!
While I was watching the Tournament of Roses Parade today on HGTV (commercial free , better than TIVO), I finished up a Pine Mountain Design I've been carrying with me in the car. Not that I stitch while driving, but I carry it in case I find myself with a bit of free time, or if DH is driving.

I went back and found my 2006 Goals - LOL! Geeze, this is like making New Year's resolutions, and breaking them by February!

My 2006 goals were:

Suz's 2006 Goals

1. Get back on WW, and lose that weight girl! (LOL - NOT - did join WW @ work in Nov)
2. Exercise plan - Curves! (Actually, I am still going to Curves)
3. Have a successful JCAHO Survey (work). (We passed with FLYING colors)
4. Take the stresses of the new job and make them work for me, not against me. (ended up giving up new job, going back to kinda/sorta old job - MUCH happier, less stress, and not that much less pay)
5. Have 5 hours of stitching time a week. (nope)
6. Organize projects so that I know what I have, and start STRIPping!! (nope)

Since I did SO WELL, with the 2006 goals (still LOL), ok, I'll go for 2007

Suz's 2007 Goals

1. Back on WW, these past 2 weeks I have NOT done well, but will get back on track.
2. Continue Curves, DH/DS want to join the Y, so look into that.
3. Support DS in his college choice.
4. Stitching goals: 2 baby gifts; Pine Mtn Tie it Up monthly pillows; continue working on Personal Sampler, and Mermaids of the Deep Blue.