Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Busy Week

Sorry I've been so quiet, just a lot going on. Work (and more work), making time to work-out, trying to get ahead in housework and laundry since I won't be home this weekend. MIL and I will be going to Northern VA for one of my SIL's baby showers. We are leaving Friday morning and going to stop off at Potomac Mills Outlet Mall, shop for a few hours, then go on to BIL/SIL's house. They will probably be working anyway, so it works out well! Saturday afternoon is the baby shower, it's a lunch thing, then we will be heading back home, as MIL has to teach Sunday School the next morning.

The men of the family are staying home! LOL DS is off school until Monday, since it's end of semester. He has been working like crazy lately, so he has already made plans to stay on the computer ALL Weekend (or so he says), taking breaks for food and the potty. - LOL His new WOW Expansion arrived this week and he's trying to level up so he can use it...I vaguely know what that means!


Andrew & Dawn said...

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