Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is the Pine Mountain Designs - All Tied Up - January pillow. There will be 12 of them in all and I already have the February one to stitch. I'm saving it to work on next weekend when MIL and I go to N.VA for my SIL's baby shower. It's not like I don't have a bunch of WIP's (works in progress for you non-stitchers) going right now, so I have a choice of what to work on now.
Yes, the bow is a bit wonky, I fixed it after I snapped the picture! I was really excited to get this finished! LOL

In other news, we have a new mailbox. DS and his friend V were working in the garage last night, installing a new sound system in V's new/used truck. One of their friends came over, and when backing out the drive when leaving, ran over our mailbox! LOL It needed replacing - so I wasn't upset. I'm just glad he didn't put his truck in the ditch that the mailbox is in front of. He must have backed out at just the right angle! V felt really bad that one of his friends trashed our mailbox, and even went to Home Depot and bought us a new one today - although I told him I will pay him for it, he doesn't need to pay for his friends damage and it wasn't THAT big of a deal. Maybe we need to get said friend to come back over and run over a few more things that need replacing! LOL