Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, yesterday (Tuesday) I did basically nothing! The day went by before I even knew it was here. We did go out to dinner with the in-laws and friends, it was OK up till the end when I found out the in-laws had a cruise already BOOKED with the couple we were with and another couple, for the same WEEK that DS's graduation is. FIL didn't think I would be upset that they weren't going to be at graduation. After thinking about it, I'm not sure which hurt more, the fact that they wouldn't be there, or the fact that HE didn't see reason to be there. Anyway, I had to leave before I burst into tears, and they are looking to see if they can switch weeks.

Today we took the Murano in to get all the recalls taken care of, tires rotated, balanced and aligned. They even put the gas back in the new fuel tank! So that was nice, I didn't lose 1/2 tank of gas in the process. MIL and I made it to a workout at Curves.

Tomorrow, MIL and I are going to the outlet stores in Williamsburg. We haven't been shopping together in ages, and we are leaving the MEN at HOME. It works out MUCH better that way

I heard the sad news today about former President Ford passing away. What a humble gentleman. He had a huge task in helping the country to heal after Watergate and the Nixon scandal. He and his wife had a beautiful love story, he will be deeply missed by those that knew him, and the country he helped piece back together.