Friday, December 29, 2006

Shopping Day

Yesterday was our shopping day in Williamsburg. I usually go, get what I need and leave, so this was going to be an experience for me. DH is with me, and he hates to browse, so he will do OK for awhile and then he wants to wait in the car. I feel guilty for him doing that, so I leave. Well, with MIL it's a totally different story. My FIL is the same as DH (like father like son), so MIL and I were ready for a GOOD day.

We started at Prime Outlet Mall - it's HUGE - 2 separate sections, with over 90 stores. We didn't go in ALL of them, but we went in the majority of them, even if it was to step inside to see what it was like. The first stop was the Fossil store as DS needed a new watchband (the dog loves leather). Unfortunately his band has to be special ordered, so I need to call the company. That was a bust! We then hit up Coldwater Creek - they were having 50% or 70% off of the ENTIRE STORE It was sorta crowded and having never been inside or purchased from them, well I was a bit easy on the wallet. I did get a jacket for work and a fleece jacket (70% off). This is definitely a store to go back too. We went to Kirkland's and bought a huge can of Virginia peanuts for $8 and change. MIL bought stuff at the baby store for one of the new babies coming in 2007. She also bought a new crockpot ; she has 2 already but "they don't work very well" A future post will be about MIL and her hoarding....LOL MIL also bought stuff at Hanes/Bali - I bought 3 pr of trouser socks.

Most of the stores were having a sale of some sort or the other. Some of the stores were having "clearance" sales, but they sure weren't my idea of clearance prices. I kept hoping for a good sale on a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer, but no such luck.

After leaving Prime Outlets we drove up to another Outlet mall (indoor) and I stopped in at the Big and Tall shop to get DH a Redskins shirt in his size. We need to go BACK there instead of the Big and Tall shop in town, since it's an outlet, they have MUCH better prices, and the guy said he could order anything in and have it shipped free to our house.

After lunch, we went to Vanity Fair where I bought some new warm nightgowns and pajamas. We went to Sag Harbor and I bought a shirt for work and Koret. Found 3 pr of petite pants that will work as workout pants. Most of the ones I tried on during the day were half a foot too long, so I was glad to finally find these!

After Koret, we were tired, and definitely had the credit cards smoking. Good thing it was payday! LOL But we had a great time together. Now just to get all my purchases home. When we were cleaning out the car at MIL's some of my bags ended up inside her house! LOL