Saturday, December 30, 2006

What is it....
about older folks and them not wanting to get rid of anything? My MIL is a hoarder...always has been, always WILL be....I love her to death, but her house drives me nuts. She has magazines, probably from the 80's that "I haven't read them yet"...well, if you haven't read it, I'm SURE it's either been reprinted, talked about or the info has changed since then. I mean come on, how many Family Circle/Women's Day magazines do you need to hang on to? Their attic is full, they have a separate 2 story garage out back of the's COMPLETELY FULL upstairs and down.

Take the new crock-pot she bought Wednesday. She has 2 others. They "don't work as well" as they should. She said she was going to buy the new one and get RID of the other 2 (note: "getting rid of" usually means to try and pawn off on one of her kids, which she proceeds to ask all 3 at some point over the next 6 months whether they want said item or not, and if none of them do, which we usually DON'T, then it gets saved for a yard sale, church bazaar, etc). I asked her if she was going to "get rid of" the other 2 in 2006? She stated well, maybe early 2007. LOL

She already told me she's sorry for the mess she will be leaving when she dies, as she knows it will be DH and I that have to take care of it. The other 2 kids live out of town. I told her it was no problem, the FIRST thing I would do, would be to rent a dumpster and park it in the driveway! She then tells me to be careful, she may have some valuable antiques. I'm not worried about the so-called antiques...I just have to be able to GET to them first!


Jenn said...

You're a few years younger than my mom, but maybe my gram and your MIL are about the same age. I constantly hear Mom making the same comments about her own mother... down to the "I might have antiques" line. It got so bad after Gramps passed that she had one small path cleared from the front door to the bed with just enough room to sleep, and a second path from the bed to the bathroom. She's since been placed in a residential facility and diagnosed with senile dementia.

So please, for your sake and that of your DH and his sibs, try and get her checked out mentally and work with her on weeding through the crap before it becomes insurmountable. I'd really rather not read a news story in a year that Suzanne was found buried in an avalanche of Avon and Family Circles... :)

Susan said...

Before you toss the magazines out, see if they have any value on eBay. A few years ago, I used to keep my old copies of "Victoria" magazine and "Mary Engelbreit's Home" - I was ready to toss them when we sold our house, but soon discovered that some of them were worth $10 and more on eBay. You'd be surprised!